Other Places (Dust Devil on Mars)
Single-channel video, stop motion, b/w, 01:05 min, loop, 2006

Other Places (Dust Devil on Mars) is an appropriation of a stop motion recording done by the Mars rover Spirit. The excerpt shows a dust devil gliding above the surface of Mars, leaving a trace behind in the Marsian dirt. The title appears and disappears before the clip starts over again. Concerning the idea of the American photographer William Eggleston when reffering to the camera’s ability to represent everything equally, the idea of what’s going on, right now, at the exact same moment but on a different place is promoting some recurring questions: Is this part of my reality as well, or is it more like a parallel reality, that has nothing to do with me at all? Other Places (Dust Devil on Mars) is playing with the ongoing process of what we want to include in our world, and where we draw the line for what to concern us or not.

Other Places (Dust Devil on Mars) was presented as part of the video programme during Ventetid by Katinka Maraz and Rom for kunst in 2006.